Sunday, April 17, 2011

New QueryAdvisor V2.90 Release End of April!

The new QueryAdvisor V2.90 release will be online end of April. Right now there are the final tests on bulk processing of Oracle trace files runnning.

This release should be the foundation of the overdue betatest. The new 360° views across all processed Oracle event 10046 trcfiles are available there for the first time. I think that crossreferencing all tracefiles and open cursors is a great feature and it was worth waiting!

Before I forget to mention: All licensekeys remain valid! An upgrade to QueryAdvisor V2.90 will therefor be straight forward:
1) Download the new QueryAdvisor release.
2) Deinstall the old installed software. Modified/New data is left untouched!
3) Install the current release of QueryAdvisor. Copy your own data to the same direcory.
4) During the start the used parameterfile will be updated on the fly but only stored after confirmation.

And VoilĂ ... Upgrade completed!

There will be a Tweet with a download link provided when our tests had been completed!