Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oracle Wait Event Forcasting now implemented!

The forcast functionality has been released for QueryAdvisor. It is now possible to collect and analyze Oracle Wait Events on Oracle instance and session level over long periods of time.

The results of the already existing funtionality for advanced Oracle instance and session analysis are now collected and automatical sorted by database instance in the background. This offers the possiblity to dedect changes in the type, amount and execution-time of Oracle Wait Events on instance and session level.

As possible restarts of the database instance are automatical dedected, the quality of the calculation is exceptional as ambiguous data could be filtered out upfront. The results are graphical presented and could be exported in addition.

A trial copy of our release of QueryAdvisor is waiting for You!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

QueryAdvisor now for Mac OSX available too!

QueryAdvisor is now available as a real 64Bit app on Mac OSX. The final changes has been made and everything has been bundled and packed ready for rollout!

The most time consuming process had been the changes to get the real Mac feeling. Accelerators had been added. All Popups are working. The Dock and the Menu Bar behave as it should be for real Mac software.

If you own an Intel based Mac with Snow Leopard or Lion installed, why not be part of the test team and work with QueryAdvisor for free? Just let me know. If you know a DBA with an Intel based Mac - just let him know.

A free copy of our new Mac OSX release QueryAdvisor is waiting for You! Just drop me a line and I will send you a link for downloading.